AcroYoga for my clients

Natalia Ross Uncategorized

You oftentimes see me do all those crazy AcroYoga poses, such as hardstanding on somebody else’s hands (aka hand-to-hand) or balancing only on my shoulders on my base’s feet (aka free star/needle). However, most of my private yoga clients are very intimidated by the look of those poses and won’t even attempt something like that, even though they trust me. So what AcroYoga poses do I teach to my clients?

These 3 beginner AcroYoga acrobatic positions are fun, safe and quite challenging :
1. Bird pose (photo above). For the base with tight hamstrings, it’s a great way of stretching them out; this also is a good way to strengthen core muscles. For the flyer bird pose is a posterior body strengthening exercise (like superman).

2. Foot to shin. The base gets a great stretch in their hips and low back while the flyer is balancing on base’s shins. Great beginner position to build trust.

3. V-seat on base’s feet. This one is more advanced for both partners. The base is learning intricate foot work in order to balance flyer in a V-seat position, or navasana. The flyer has to contract their core muscles, hip flexors and quads in order to maintain V-seat position.