Vegan Lifestyle. Where do I get my protein???

Natalia Ross Blog

Number one question I get asked by my friends and clients is “Where do you get your protein ?”

So many people are mislead by thinking that protein can be derived only from animal products. Wrong!

  1. Legumes (e.g. black beans, green peas) and some vegetables (potatoes, collard greens) contain a lot of protein (up to 8 grams per 100 grams). You can see the least here.
  2. Soy products such as tofu and tempeh. I personally prefer tempeh for its texture- it is a lot denser than tofu and depending on the way it is cooked, it can be chicken-like chewy . I add tempeh in my vegetable salads, rice bowls, stir-fries and wraps. Here’s a recipe I used recently for making a stir-fry- very fast and easy one!
  3. Nuts and seeds are very high in protein content. For instance, hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious and contain almost 30% of protein.  Pumpkin seeds – 25%,  walnuts and cashews- 15 % you can see the list here.

I noticed that it’s very easy for me to combine all those foods in one meal. More posts with recipes are coming, stay tuned 🙂