June 16, 2020

Is online personal training effective?

In my opinion, online personal training is a very effective method of training, granted your instructor is a highly skilled professional. 

There are a lot of benefits to online personal training you might not even thought of until you tried it:

  1. You save a lot of time on commuting to the gym and back. Even if you live 5-10 minute drive away, this extra effort of driving can be an obstacle for you to actually go. There’s always a chance of bad weather, flat tire, traffic, etc.- all those can defer you from getting your workout in. Online training completely eliminates this issue.
  2. You don’t have to worry about sharing space and equipment with other people. For many of us it’s a big benefit, considering we as a society are just getting out of the pandemic and for the past three months we have been encouraged to minimize our in-person interactions.
  3. Psychologically, you might feel safer and more focused in the privacy of your own home vs gym. Gyms can be loud and overwhelming. Working out from your home gives you privacy and ability to control your environment. Air temperature, music, light- all those variables can make your work out a lot more pleasant when they are tailored to your liking!
  4. Flexibility in frequency/length of your online sessions. Many people train 2-3 times a week for 1 hour in a gym, but if you chose to train online, it allows for more flexibility in terms of length and frequency of your sessions. You might be that person who wants to work out every morning for 30 min , but a 30 min workout almost makes no sense if it takes you 10-15 min each way to get to the physical location. Online training makes it possible and efficient. 
  5. Now this one comes from my personal experience. I have been training one of my clients online for the past month, and he keeps telling me that his work outs became harder ever since we transitioned to online training. I always write down an exercise plan for our sessions and make sure we do at least 80% of that plan. Also, I think being remote makes us concentrate even more on a work out and less on small talk. I’ve known this client for years and it’s quite easy for us to take a 5 minute break in the middle of our session for a friendly chat, but online format has cut it off almost entirely.

The only major downside of online personal training (granted your internet is fast and you have no issues with technology) is inability of your trainer to manually correct you or stretch you. Online training allows your instructor to only see you and hear you. I think for some people it can be a dealbreaker- they want the touch component of training, or they are not visual/auditory learners, they need to be touched to understand how to property engage their muscles. I think for people like this, in-person training is important and it can be successfully complemented by online training. For instance, you can have an in-person training once a week and the remaining 1-2 times a week do an online session. 

I am currently available for in person (Los Angeles area) and online personal training sessions, and I would love to help you on your path to better wellness! I offer a free trial session, flexible payment plans, and I am here to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to reach out! 

P.S. A photo above is me working out at my house with a trainer coaching HIIT workout online. I have been very consistent with my online workouts and really enjoy them!

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