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All of my in-home and online sessions and programs are personalized for each client individually based on their experience, lifestyle, previous injuries, habits, and other factors.

During your free assessment, we’ll together determine your goals and training protocol. As I learn more about you I’ll be able to build a personalized training program that fits your needs and schedule. Sessions will contain a variety of training modalities such as yoga, functional training, high-intensity interval training, Pilates, stretching, and breathwork. Online sessions will be conducted in real-time and I’ll provide immediate feedback.


What I Teach

Vinyasa yoga

Movements that flow from one to another with the use of Ujjayi breath.

Iyengar yoga

Alignment based yoga where asanas are performed with the help of yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, and other props.

Yin yoga

Restorative poses performed with the use of props. Poses are held for up to 5 min each and involve deep focused breathing.


Combination of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Partner yoga poses require body awareness, trust, and communication. AcroYoga is the most playful and fun practice.

Therapeutic flying

A unique way of stretching the body by relaxing into gravity while hanging on base’s feet, hands and knees.


The primary focus of Pilates exercise method is on proper breathing and core engagement, overall flexibility and spinal mobility.


Body weight training with the use of pull up and parallel bars.

TRX Suspension Training

Functional body weight movements such as squats, lunges, push-ups, rows, planks are performed with the use of TRX equipment.

Great Results

Happy Clients

Natalia employs yoga, coordinated free weight exercises, and Pilates for our training sessions. She has me perform exercises that not only focus on strength but also flexibility, balance, and coordination. These exercises are much more physically and mentally challenging than using the machines or free weights in the gym. During each set, Natalia is focused on each of my reps by making form adjustments in order to get the most out of each set. Her knowledge of the muscles that are activated in each exercise is impressive as well as helpful. After getting through a workout with Natalia, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment that you’ll enjoy for the rest of the day. If you are serious about your training, Natalia will provide the guidance, direction and motivation to be your best.


I have been involved with Pilates and private instruction with Natalia for over two years. Prior to our introduction I had a full shoulder replacement and had been actively rehabilitating with physical therapy at UCLA. While the PT appointments strengthened and provided a sounder range of motion, it was not until Natalia’s personal training and specific Pilates techniques that my shoulder showed defined and progressive improvement. Natalia has a special love for her craft and focuses on the specific needs of her client. No two sessions have ever been the same and she is always incorporating spontaneous and unique versions to the training. I highly recommend Natalia for anyone who seeks improvement to their body, and their life. The sessions are invigorating, personalized and will become the best part of your day. The results speak for themselves.

Christopher G. N.

Natalia has been my Pilates instructor for 2 years. She is a skilled professional. She knows every muscle, every stretch, every exercise that exists. I don’t think she has ever done the same routine on me twice, which always keeps it fresh and new! Her attention to form is so acute that whenever I stray she quickly redirects me to make the adjustment. I feel that really safeguards against injury. She has many diagnostic as well as therapeutic techniques so I trust her implicitly. Last but certainly not least she is truly a kind and caring spirit which only further supports her zen craft!! I really enjoy our weekly sessions and I highly recommend her.

Holly B.

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